At Rocket Smallgoods our mission is to help you turn your kiwi classic meals into a first class experience with our range of sauces and meat products.



New Zealand kitchens are the heart of the home and we all love making and enjoying meals with family and friends. But having a kiwi classic meal doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or adventure. We’re here to help New Zealand households create delicious adventurous meals with premium products.

At Rocket Smallgoods, we have created a catalogue of premium products that will become staples in your kitchen. All our ingredients are proudly sourced from New Zealand farms and distributers and delivered directly to our Wellington factory to create the products you see in supermarkets.

Rocket Fuel!


A morish, spicy and versatile sauce, inspiring today’s breakfasts and BBQs, brunches and bar snacks, bellyfuls and burps of delight, throughout our fair land.

Never tried Rocket Sauce? Well, we won’t lie to ya; it’s a slippery slope. One taste is never enough. And that’s how it all began…

Since then we have been working away on the next step, the next stage of the Rocket flavour empire and we have found it....


Rocket Boost!


Rocket boost is our latest addition, a hot sauce to give your favourite dishes a boost! Try it on your eggs, your sammies, in your stirfry, it's great in everything!