Welcome to our community page.

We wanted to give our loyal Rocket fans a page dedicated to them with quick links to useful information like recipes and sponsorship information and our latest competitions. 


We know what it can be like to do the hard yards to fundraise for school equipment, sports teams and community groups. We want to make it a bit easier for you so we launched our school and community sponsorship program.


Need some recipe inspo? We have you covered. Our recipes come from our community of followers, friends, partners and our very own kitchen. 


Find out about our current competitions we are running. We run and promote most of our competitions on Facebook so make sure you follow us @rocketproductsnz to find out information about future competitions and news and events.

Our Products

Check out our full range of delicious Rocket products including our partner products with Al Brown.  


We know some people like to buy straight from the sauce... you can purchase our sauces in wholesale quantities through out e-store. 

Where to buy

You can purchase our products at supermarkets all over New Zealand. We also provide our delicious products to selected eateries around the country too! 

phone us: 04 568 9050

facebook us: @rocketproductsnz

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