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New Zealand kitchens are the heart of the home and we all love making and enjoying meals with family and friends. But having a kiwi classic meal doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or adventure. We’re here to help New Zealand households create delicious adventurous meals with premium products.

At Rocket Fuel, we have created a catalogue of premium Sauces that will become staples in your kitchen. All our ingredients are proudly sourced from reputable suppliers and delivered directly to our Wellington factory to create the products you see in supermarkets.



Our signature brown table sauce known for being very moreish and just a bit spicy. Its versatility has no bounds, inspiring breakfasts, BBQs, brunches and bar snacks, but we think it’s exceptional on a burger or with a bratwurst! Available in 330ml and 2L bottles.

Ingredients: sugar, sultanas, water, vinegar, spices, dried capsicum, salt, dried garlic.

Gluten Free!


Just as the name suggests, our capsicum based hot sauce will give your dish a little boost. We love this on eggs and with pork tacos, yum!

Ingredients: capsicum, chilli, water, vinegar, spices, salt.

Gluten Free!

Ingredients boost.png
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