Updated December 2018

At Rocket, we know what it can be like to do the hard yards to fundraise for school equipment, sports teams and community groups. We want to make it a bit easier for you so we launched our school and community sponsorship program. 


If you have a fundraiser coming up and will be running a BBQ a part of that, we can help. We offer special pricing to groups for fundraisers on our sauces and burger patties so you can serve up something a bit better than the old sausage and bread. Additionally, if you have plans for a raffle we can donate a bottle of each of our sauces.


Fill out the sponsorship form below and send back to us at info@rocketproducts.co.nz or give us a call on 04 568 9050


For community and school sponsorship fill out this Rocket sponsorship form


We would love to be able to support every request that comes in but from time to time we have to turn down requests. 

phone us: 04 568 9050

facebook us: @rocketproductsnz

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