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At Rocket we aim to make our operations sustainable without compromising on quality or our brand pillars: Inspire, Innovate & Trust.


Our efforts towards sustainability are linked to three goals:

  1. Producing good and real food

  2. Reducing waste

  3. Equality in the workplace

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Our business is about making good products that our customers will love. We want to create products that easy to use at home and that New Zealanders can make their own. We want to do this in a way that ensures a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our customers.


In 2020, we will be relaunching our Rocket burger patties and meatballs with a revised recipe to include more vegetables and less meat.


Plus our testing kitchen is buzzing with more products that we’re preparing to launch keeping in mind our sustainability goal to produce good and real food.

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In an effort to reduce waste, we have been transitioning our products over to an aluminium tray. Currently all meatball products are in these fully reusable and recyclable trays with our aim to have all our meat products in these trays by the end of 2020.


We are proud to be looking for more efficiencies in our packaging that will reduce waste and in late 2019 we launched our packs with one less component, the label. We now pre-print our sealing top-film with our branding which had enabled us to remove a component of the packaging and reduce waste. The top film is easy to remove and can be recycled with soft plastics. Our full meat range will transition to this packaging by the end of 2020.


We are proud to serve our Rocket Boost in glass bottles, one of the most environmentally friendly materials due to its ability to be recycled indefinitely without loss of purity.



For Rocket, a sustainable workplace is about ensuring we enable all employees have equal opportunities to succeed.


We pride ourselves on building a team environment that is both supportive and open for all employees regardless of background, gender, religion or culture.

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